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Quite a bit of animal activity during the evening and early morning.  The upper gate will be closed from now till spring. A NOTE! We live on site so if anyone is planning on coming out, you will have to call, email or facebook us. Seems the GPS for the road to the campground off the highway is wrong, it's not even showing it as a paved road but a trail.


We also have a Facebook page that we post information and lot more pictures.


There hasn't been any snow in the last week. Temperatures are well below seasonal normals but on par with 2013. We now have 13 inches (33 cm) of snow on the ground. This week the temperatures were -30 to -38 for lows and the highs were in the minus mid twenties.


-   0'- Being Normal Summer/Winter Low, Good Canoeing starts at Level 1. Tubing and Canoeing stops at under Level 1. River flood level is at 8. The river has dropped about a foot.


The birding at the feeders here have been interesting this winter. We have tons of Evening and Pine Grosbeaks and our normal winter birds. However we don't have any Redpolls, Junco's and Pine Siskin's but we hundreds of Purple Finch. Jan.31st- Redpolls and Pine Siskins came in. Feb. 17th- Crows are in. Friends of ours have told us that some geese arrived, but we haven't had any out here yet. March 5th- Merlin and Northern Harrier. March 19th-One of our resident Canada Geese came in today. Mar 26th- Sandhill Cranes. Mar. 27th.- Eastern Phoebe. Mar. 28th- our first resident pair of Canada Geese are here. Mar. 29th- Robin and Common Grackle. March 30- Juncos arrived en masse. Mar 31- Hooded Mergansers, Apr 3- Flock of Mallards below the cookshack, Apr 14th- Wilson's Snipe, Apr 15- Flickers are in, Apr 16th- Fox Sparrows, Apr 18th - Kingfisher, April 24th- Flock of Rusty Blackbirds. Apr 30th- Mourning Dove, White-throated Sparrow. May 7th- Spotted Sandpiper. May 10th Harris's Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow. May 11th, Red-eyed Vireo. May12th, Song Sparrow. May 14th, Goldfinch, Oriole. May 20th, Northern Rough winged Swallow. May 23rd, Mourning Dove. May 28th, Bank Swallows and Tree Swallows. May 31st, Cedar Waxwing. June 5th- Whip-poor-will. June 6th- Black-billed Cuckoo. June 9th- Redstart. Sept 18- Geese are flying and the small birds are gathering. Lots of birds at the feeders with all this snow. Oct 29th- Common Redpolls. Nov 3- This is the first time since we've been here that White-winged Crossbills have been to our feeders. We have only spotted them out and about a few times. Nothing new at the feeders lately.


A There lots of bush rabbits around. Large numbers of deer in the campground this year. We had a couple of Otters in the upper campground. There have been wolves around most of the winter, not bothering anything here. March- Seems there are quite a few wolves around. April 19th First bees and butterfly. May 6th- We planted 120 coniferous trees last Saturday and will be planting another 30 this Saturday. Ticks are out Apr 30th but not like last year so far. May 2nd- The odd mosquitoes around. June 1st- Fire flies are out. June 10th, Flying squirrels. A black bear was hanging around the area up until the last four days. Oct 25- There are a couple of beaver around, some muskrat. Rabbits seems to be reduced in numbers. We have to cover our young pine so that deer and rabbits don't eat them. Dec. 31st- Fox, Grouse and deer tracks in the snow.


Our beach was nice this year. People are out in quads but no snowmobiles yet because there isn't enough snow cover. Not many hunters out this year. Seems like the deer haven't been moving around so much.
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