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Seems the GPS for the road to the campground off the highway #1 is wrong, depending on the make of your GPS, it's not even showing it as a paved road but a trail. Google maps has the directions properly listed. We don't have any seasonal sites left. All fire and travel restrictions have been off now few a couple of weeks. A NOTE! We live on site so if anyone is planning on coming out, you will have to call, email or facebook us.


We have had a great week. Lots of camping and river activities. River temperatures are at +19 and the level is great for canoeing. We also have some school groups in. This one made their own paddles, they were very impressive. We have had a great week. Lots of camping and river activities. River temperatures are at +19 and the level is great for canoeing.

It was a great weekend. Lots of tubing, canoeing, ATVing and lots of good weather. The campground was full and we had two large groups of young well behaved young adults, an atving group, who played themselves out, and a group celebrating a birthday well into the night but respectful and we had no complains. The river is quite high and the tubing trip only takes 2.5 hours.


The temperature trends are about normal and very nice. We haven't had an over abundance of rain. Very few mosquitoes out.


  0'- Being Normal Summer/Winter Low, Good Canoeing starts at Level 1. Tubing and Canoeing stops at under Level 1. River flood level is at 8. The river level is at 5 and the water temperature is+19 .


Nothing new at the feeders lately. We haven't had any Evening Grosbeaks, Redpolls or Pine Siskin's at our feeder for about 6 weeks. I don't know where they are. We have large amounts of Pine Grosbeaks. March 6th- Crows arrived. March 15th- Redpolls are back again. March 20th- seems the Pine Grosbeaks have left and have been replaced by the Evening Grosbeaks. April 5th- We have a young Barred beside the cabin. The Jays were hassling it and it went to the ground. I picked and put it into a place in the branches, where the birds could not bother it.

April 13th- Common Goldeneye, Tundra Swans. Redpolls are gone now and no southern birds here yet. April 19th-Broad-wing Hawk. It was a crazy last couple of days. Repolls and Junco's were at the feeders by the hundreds. April 21st- Two Tundra Swans have been here for 3 days, Robin, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Gulls (sp), Purple Finch, Common Grackle. April 22nd- Pie-billed Grebe, Flicker. Killdeer. April 23- Kestrel, Turkey Vulture, Red-wing Blackbird. April 24th- Fox Sparrow, Mallards. April 25th-Northern Harrier, Sandhill Cranes. Apr 27th- Brown-headed Cowbird. Apr 28th- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Apr 30th- Mourning Doves. May 1st- White-crowned and White-throated Sparrow. May 4th- Swamp and Song Sparrows. May7th- Rose-breasted Grosbeak. May 9th- Tree Swallows, Wilson's Snipe. May 11th- Gold Finch, Harris's Sparrow. May17th- Ruby-throated Hummingbird. May 21st- Veery, Belted Kingfisher, Swainson's Thrush, Redstart, Bank Swallows. May22nd- Sharp-shinned Hawk, Spotted Sandpiper. May 24 - Whip-poor-will. There is a lot of migration still going on. June 8th- Woodcock.


A There lots of bush rabbits around. Large numbers of deer in the campground this year. We had a couple of Otters in the upper campground. There have been wolves around most of the winter, not bothering anything here. March- Seems there are quite a few wolves around. April 19th First bees and butterfly. May 6th- We planted 120 coniferous trees last Saturday and will be planting another 30 this Saturday. Ticks are out Apr 30th but not like last year so far. May 2nd- The odd mosquitoes around. June 1st- Fire flies are out. June 10th, Flying squirrels. A black bear was hanging around the area up until the last four days. Oct 25- There are a couple of beaver around, some muskrat. Rabbits seems to be reduced in numbers. We have to cover our young pine so that deer and rabbits don't eat them. Dec. 31st- Fox, Grouse and deer tracks in the snow. We have had so many does and young around this year, it is nothing to see 11 in the camera's at one time. Go figure, it's natural, there are quite a few wolves around now. April 25th- Frogs are out last night Lots of Painted turtles. June 5th. Snapping Turtles are out now.


Our beach is nice again this year. Fishing is not to bad. ATVing is in full swing and all recreation activities.
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